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Soap Isn't Hardening As Usual


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Hi, so when I make my soaps they are usually ready to cut in 12 hours. I have not changed anything and my last three batches have taken way longer. I had to throw away one because it broke in half. It has been over 24 hours and they are still not close to being ready to unmold. What's going on?


I use coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil. The fragrances I've used are Monkey Farts, Loving Spell and Jasmine all from Nature's Garden (if that could have anything to do with it).

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A log breaking in two, to me, means the raw soap in the molds are not warm enough to saponify. A difference in room temp of 10 degrees can make a noticeable difference. 


Try putting the next batches into a warmed oven, then turn the oven off with the molds inside the closed oven and I bet things will be back to normal. 

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I would try an oven process like TT suggested to help the saponification along.

I'd also re-check my calculations. As Candybee pointed out, sometimes important things can get overlooked. One time I miscalculated my lye, and I ended up with a mushy unattractive soap. It took me forever to figure out I had like a 15% super fat! 

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