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Need help wicking 4630

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5 hours ago, TallTayl said:

I had great luck with 4630 in tins using 44P paper core wicks. I’m not home to remember the dashes and other numbers. But I know that they started with 44. 

That would be the 44-24-18 paper core, not available from most suppliers, but I found them for not much money. Candle Science recommends LX and HTPs for 4630, old post in this forum seem to favor the HTPs. So I'll try the paper cores as my base wick and use the HTPs/LXs to wick up or down as needed. 

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9 hours ago, TallTayl said:

What I liked most about paper core is NO LEANING. Soldier straight from start to end. 

Did you use the paper core wicks to wick up and down? If I do my testing this month I'll have to wick down for summer. I wanted to try 4627 but the best deal I could get was 10 Lbs for $30 on Amazon.

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I made a very small number of 4630 to be honest,  was curious, but not enough to change lanes to paraffin.


but, this still applies: wick to the average household temp and trim accordingly. Meaning, in my house winter temps hover near 60.  In summer it’s quite a bit warmer.  I wick for 70 and trim short for summer and long for winter, advising customers to do the same. There is no way I can tell who lives where,  or when they burn my candles any more than Yankee or any other maker.... the wicking charts on the wall are complicated enough to compensate for fragrance, vessel, wax combo, etc. 

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