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Grani L

Paraffin Wax Issues???

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With all this soy craziness sweeping the Handmade nation....makes me wonder if the big dogs are paying the Regulators to force manufacturers to mess up the formulas for the Handmade Nation due to the fact the handmade nation is on the rise with better smelling and better burn quality products? Has any of us been told " Yours smell better than ...the Big Y Dogs? I have...with my still in the testing stage self. I mean for goodness sake there is plenty $$ to go around. Why break something that is fine??  --- SMH - My question is tho...we know the down low on soy - with all the changes in burn quality and reporting it, yet we are told that nothing is wrong -- SO....that tells me - we that actually test is just a little bit crazy...."OOKKKAAYYY"


So my question is --since paraffin candle nation was probably affected  due to -- SOOTING Stories, and Black Jars--- and the rest of the bullcrap that can also happen with SOY and COCONUT and any candle if the wick is not trimmed properly, or wrong wick type and of course if the candle burns in excess....... And ask me HOW I KNOW!!!   My Question is::::


Since soy suddenly became the -BIG EPIDEMIC- from the Introduction and Promotion of it   -- up to the Last 2 Year DOWNFALL-- and now - onto the Promotion / Introduction of Coconut Wax...NO??? .... has anyone had any really bad experiences with the Paraffin Wax - 4630, 4627, 4786 or any others -- where in it has had a huge impact on your candle making process??  

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No conspiracy. The fda ruled in 2016 that trans fats were no longer allowed in food. Soy wax is a partially hydrogenated soybean oil. Since candle making is a secondary intention of soy wax (deep fryer aka food being the first) candle making took a hit. 


Add in other factors such as golden brands selling to akosoy, and moving operations to Central America where the processing injected water during hydrogenation for a good while and we ended up with a huge mess.  


Right around the same time monsanto introduced a new and improved soy bean.


one, two three punch. Call it a perfect storm.


The soy wax producers that specialize in candles versus food have remained much more stable throughout the entire ordeal. 

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