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Looking for "Salt"


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So, I haven't actually smelled it, but Aztec has a Sea Mineral fragrance (that might not be the exact name), and I think they have a salty sea air one as well, that might be a good place to start since you can do the 5/$5 samples. Another one to try, it's not a single note, but I highly reccomends their Bayside Marina, it's very salty.

Candlewic has a couple of sea air types, but I haven't smelled those either.

Oregon Trails has a Mediterrianian Sea Salt (that spelling looks wrong to me, lol), that I thought was pretty true to the name, although it did have some floral and citrus notes in there too.

I know at least a couple people on here love salty scents... @Darbla, @Moonstar, @GailC, I think,  but I absolutely could be wrong in my recollection! 😊


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