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Glycerin soap

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Good evening everyone! I'd like to ask, how is a glycerin soap made? I went to a craft show and a lady is selling soap, and the label says creamy handmade glycerin soap. 


Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays to all! 

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The soap you are referring to is called melt and pour (M&P). Its a vegetable glycerin soap you buy in a base from a M&P supplier. Basically you melt several oz or lbs at a time by cutting them up into smaller pieces. You may melt them in various ways such as a microwave, rice cooker, crockpot, presto pot, professional soap melter, etc. Once the soap base is liquified you add your fragrance, color, or various additives you wish to put into the soap like oatmeal, honey, etc. Blend them in then pour the soap batter into a soap mold. M&P sets up very quickly and may be ready to use in a couple of hours.


There are lots of bases available from various manufactures so not all of them are the same. So if you want to try it I would look for a supplier that specializes in selling soap supplies. M&P bases come in in a variety of bases like a goat milk base, or shea butter base, clear base, standard white or coconut base, honey base, hemp base, and much more. M&P has become very popular and so the market has been saturated with more supplies.


M&P is a great alternative for a soaper who wishes to make soap quickly without making it from scratch like cold processed (CP) soap. Or having to deal with the use of lye as the base is premade. 


Also, according the FDA, M&P is catagorized as a cosmetic and not a true soap. Soap made from scratch using lye/fats/liquids is designated by the FDA as true soap. Even though both are forms of soap they are not in the same catagory. CP soap makes its own glycerin. Glycerin from CP soap is added to make M&P bases. Also, M&P is required by law to list all the ingredients in their INCI name form. While listing ingredients is not legally required for CP soap. Most CP soapers list their ingredients on the label however so that customers may see what goes into the soap and because some people have allergies to certain ingredients.


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thank you! thank you! thank you @Candybeefor clearing this out for me. I checked the ingredients and it didnt sound like olive oil or lard or coconut oil, and after reading your answer, it made much more sense to me. Thank you so so much!

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