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UV Light inhibitor in Palm Wax

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I use UV inhibitor from CS and don't have problems with it. Now I make container candles with glass glow and sometimes crystal container palm waxes and only use CS UV. I use 1/2 tsp per lb wax and it works great for me. Let me correct that to 1/2 rounded tsp so that is slightly more than 1/2 tsp. I melt 12 lbs of wax at a time and put in 2 rounded tablespoons of UV. 


So it can sometimes be the result which UV you use. Another culprit is direct sunlight, office lighting, any lighting really. When my wholesale customers leave my candles displayed right underneath lighting fixtures they tend to discolor... at least some of them do so I instruct them to move the display. Some of those retail store lights can be harsh.


Wanted to add I do a lot of outdoor markets and craft shows year round so my candles get exposed to sunlight even when I try my best to keep them under my tent canopy. As you know the sun moves across the sky during the day and sometimes I just end up with sunlight streaming down on my candles. I also do indoor shows under large lights too. So my candles have to be protected with UV. I remember using another brand from another supplier when I first started out and thought UV in general was useless until someone pointed out to me how CS' UV worked for them. So I tried it and have been using it ever since with great results. If it helps I put it in on top of my wax beads and let it melt along with the wax. Then I just stir my melted wax to make sure the UV in thoroughly blended in.

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Thank you Candybee your feedback is  very helpful . I was doing some research and Candlewic has a two part system UV531 and UV5411 . Do you have any thoughts about this ? I don’t like to  remelt and redo. But do you think if I do it will change it’s outcome? I would like to save some of my inventory and hard work and money . 

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1 hour ago, Candybee said:

I haven't noticed any difference when used as directed. I use CSN wicks so if you are using something different you may have a different experience than me.

I'm using CSN 7's or 9's, in 9 oz straight-sided jars, and 8 oz smooth sided mason jars.


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