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It's all mine!

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So if you remember, I've been working with beeswax and silicone molds. 

I had recently ordered a mold that ended up being a total dud. So I did what any sane person would do:

I sculpted some clay, poured some silicone, and made my own mold!

It weighs in at 3/4 oz. I don't know the burn time yet, as this is the first one and I'm going to test it tomorrow.



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Congratulations, your first hand made mold! I like the leaf, too, nice! I'm jealous, haven't been pouring lately, but I'll get back to it this week. Temps are going down here in AZ so it's time to fire up the mini candle factory! Keep them coming, and I hope you're having a ton of fun with the waxes! Lookin' good, Mr. Dan. Seems that you like the bees wax a lot, they're really cool.

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11 hours ago, Scented said:

Pumpkin, right? Or a gourd with a leaf? 


Just a simple pumpkin with a leaf and little vine. The real detail is in the stem but it's hard to make out in this picture. 

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