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Calling all incense makers!

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I was SO EXCITED when I saw this thread. 
I was like OH!!! THAT'S MEEEEEEE!!!!! OMG!!! YAS!!! I'M THAT GUY!!!!! I make people incensed ALL THE TIME!!!! 

NOT what you were talking about, apparently. 

The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services 

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I don't mean to bump an almost 2 year old thread, but I didn't want to create a new topic when this is the only forum I have Google searched where people seem to actually know about working with FO's and incense blanks. I just had a few questions for you all as I want to make my own scents on the "punks/blanks."


- Do notes matter here? Like with perfumery the top notes, middle notes, and base notes matter. So for example, one of the scents I want to try and make is like a evil carnival/fair type scent. So say there's three FO's, one is dirt, one is cotton candy, and one is funnel cake. Could I just mix the three together to try and make what I'm going for?

- What does the DPG actually do and how much should be in the mixture?


Thanks everyone! 

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Yes, you can mix them up to see how it all goes together.  Some people test them on Q-tips first by dipping one end in each fragrance to get the mixture,  Not sure how that would work with 3 different FOs though.  


I am not sure about the answer for the DPG question though.  My thoughts are you need to add something to the FO to dilute it a little or the FO would not burn so well on its own.  Might be a good Google question.

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DPG is a solvent that cuts the FO so it doesn't smoke when burned. Like wax is a medium for candles and tarts, DPG is a medium for incense and simmering oils. 

FO on it's own smokes something fierce from my experience. 
I just ordered myself a Incense Kit to see if it's something I like making. I usually buy mine ready to get lit. LOL

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