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10 Ornament Storage Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity Next Christmas

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You might think it is too early to talk about Christmas. Before you give in to that very thinking and do away with what this article has to say, do give a thought to that Christmas where you failed to store your ornaments successfully because you didn't hit up any instant ideas or hacks in the short amount of time that you hand to work with. This might sound elementary and basic; yet not coming up with efficient ornament storage ideas is a mistake that is made far too often in the real world. With this writing, we aim to correct that. Read through to the end to find out some inexpensive but efficient storage hacks for your ornaments that can save you many headaches this Christmas:

1: Get Pictures or Take Them Yourself:

If any of your friends or family members happen to have cool ornament storage hacks, be sure not to ignore them and even take picture saving them in your digital memory albums. You can download some useful ones from the Internet as well but be sure to have some good ideas saved somewhere easily accessible so that you can use them when required.

2: Make an Inventory for Everything:
Making an inventory of all your stored ornaments can be very important. Having stored them in high-quality Ornament Boxes, writing everything that you have down and keeping it somewhere easily accessible can save you much trouble when you need similar decorations again. Also when you lose some and don't have a clue of what you had before you lost it, this inventory can come in handy.
3: Cardboard Divider Boxes:
When thinking about storing your ornaments for more extended periods of time, permanent solutions will work best. Readymade cardboard boxes with section divider inserts in them are available from high-quality packaging stores and also supermarkets, or you can DIY this project easily as well. Be sure to produce adequately sized sections for all your ornaments and also use long-lasting, sturdy cardboard materials that are often in the corrugated finish.
4: Combining Cardboard and Plastic Cups:
Combining cardboard and plastic cups can produce a very efficient ornament storage idea. Since most ornaments are round in shape, empty plastic cups provide a great storage solution. Taking your cardboard divider idea to the next level involves placing the empty plastic cup in each divider and placing your ornaments in those cups having to find very convenient ornament storage options.
5: Tins of Holiday Ornaments:
Who says some of those expensive cookie tins can't be repurposed. If you happen to have large cookie tins lying around in the storage, wrapping them up in Christmassy paper and placing your ornaments in these tins is a great idea. Some of these large cookie tins are quite large in size enabling you to place a lot many ornaments in them at one time. Be sure to wrap them up in festive wrapping papers making them look neat and clean around the edges.
6: Apple Tray Packaging:
Everyone can find some empty apple trays made from cardboard or other soft protective materials right! This is one of the cheapest repurposing hacks on our list as well and only involves the old Apple trays. You can place these trays in large wrapped boxes for a beautiful finish when preferred or leave them as they are. Whichever finish you choose, this repurposed efficiently sized ornament storage hack will organize all your ornaments quite nicely indeed.
7: Reuse Your Gift Packaging:
All of us will get gifts of some sort regardless of which age group we belong to. Gift packaging provides an excellent ornament storage option when done right. Use all those boxes and wrapping papers along with ribbons and hangers intelligently creating very sustainable ornament storage options that will organize things for you very efficiently.

8: Straight String Lights with Ribbons and Hangers:
Got string lights or ribbons and hangers? Instead of storing them in boxes or drawers where they will almost certainly get tangled up, clip them on an empty wall in your storage area or basement. This straight storage will keep them usable for next Christmas or any other festive event of the year.
9: Repurposed Egg Trays and Cartons:
Much like the apple trays, egg trays provide a very efficient ornament storage idea as well. Having round shaped egg storage pods in them that are secured with cardboard or other similar softer materials, these will keep your stored ornaments safe and sound for as long as they are required again. You will not have to pay a dime for these as well as these are found in abundance in every household.
10: Coffee Cup Ornament Holders:
Empty coffee cups can also be used as efficient ornament holders and storage ideas. Be sure to add some Christmassy designs on their outer layers and enjoy their large sizes enabling you to store and organize many ornaments in one cup. Tie them up with red ribbons creating a fully festive look and feel.


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