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A taper for your thoughts?

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Ignore the messy area; I’m still trying to figure out how to store all my stuff!

That is my first taper burning! I’m actually still watching it burn, and it’s burning good!

Its a standard 10” paraffin taper, flat braided wick, and just barely kissed with some red dye for that phallic pink color (which totally wasn’t the intention)!

The beauty with tapers is I can make a bunch of fall colored ones to take to my mother in law’s on Thanksgiving, red and green ones for Christmas, and so on, and I’ll be the best son in law ever! And at very little financial cost to me (mental cost is another matter).


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Hand dipped or molded? I love dipping tapers. I've braided, flattened, twisted and grubbied tapers. They are so fun to work with and you can do so much when hand dipping. 

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1 hour ago, kandlekrazy said:

Wow you are just venturing into everything, great job!


I decided to try tapers because it will be the easiest and cheapest way to keep my mother in law in candles! If the family and I are going over for a holiday, I just have to make the corresponding candle colors. Thanksgiving, I’ll make some orange and brown ones (although that doesn’t sound very appealing, but who knows?); Christmas time gets red and green! For other times of the year I can just throw in whatever scraps I have, since the tapers are only 2.125 ounces! 

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