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Experiments in Wax


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These are today’s trials in wax! The original test was to try a two-toned pillar, but I got impatient so I tried for an intentional bleed. So the test kind of worked on that one.

I’m going to spend a little time next week just focusing on one mold a day for testing;  using the different sized molds just makes it too confusing!


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3 minutes ago, Sarah S said:

Very nice! I'd say you've got the bleed down pat! 😄

I love the vibrant purple!


That’s where I’m having the most fun with candle making: the colors! I’m actually an artist, but I work in graphite, so all these bright colors are going straight to my brain! I love it!

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Dan, these pillars are NOT failures.  When I started making pillars, I went for 3" pillars since that seemed to be the most common size...and to this day,  when I pour a test candle, it is a "3" pillar

There is no limit on the color combinations you can create....if you turn out a color combo you don't really care for,  just lite it up and it will soon disappear...........I have burned countless test pillars over the years and have never disappointed in doing so.......burning those test candles is your reward for trying...kwim????

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