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Cut Pics of some of the recent soaps -

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2 hours ago, Sarah S said:

I just love the embeds you do on your tops!

I think the Home for the Holidays is wonderful, the inside looks like a flower to me. Did the shamrocks keep their shape on the top after the cut for the Irish one?

on a couple bars the shamrocks did stay, some didn't. I should have used a single wire cutter, so they all would have, but some of the bars would have been super thick if I did that.

I improvised with the shamrocks, which you can probably tell. They are just little heart embeds, that I arranged like that. Turned out better than I thought. 


The Home for the Holidays is the one my granddaughter picked the colors, design, and made the M&P Christmas trees. That one is her favorite. :) 

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2 hours ago, kandlekrazy said:

Beautiful!  OMG it's time to make Christmas products??  I don't have time.

Yes, I'm really actually way WAY behind. I usually start my holiday making in January/February, so they have a nice long cure, however, it just didn't happen, so I figured if it doesn't happen NOW it's not going too. My philosophy with my soaps, is if they are not made and cured by September, they don't go to market that year, so I needed to get on the ball! 

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