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Guilt ridden...


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Oh I am GUILT RIDDEN... I so ashamed of myself for not getting on here. I'm trying to get back into my groove, I promise. 

This is what I have made in the last few days: 

Oatmeal, Honey, Goat's Milk, and Yogurt with SILK... (OOO, AH... OH...)  


My restock of Serendipity's Chance: 


More laundry soap. (I SWEAR I was expecting the gel... HONEST!) 


I gotta go cut that hot loaf of laundry soap, 'cause if I don't cut that high CO soap while it's hot I'm gonna need a concrete saw to cut it. 


The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services


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12 hours ago, Sarah S said:

The laundry soap is my fave! I love the ghost swirl!

Is the Serendipity HP? How do you get those delicate swirls??

Yep, all except my laundry soap are high temperature fluid hot process. Basically you can get HP to be really fluid by adding in sodium lactate, your superfat, and extra water content at the right points in the cook. Add them too early, it seizes, add them too fast or cold and it seizes... They do shrink some during the "cure" at this point, but I'm working on balancing the method a bit more on the dry side.

Valerie Mosher is where I learned about this method. 



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