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ISO FO with these notes: lavender, sage, vetiver, oakmoss, sandalwood


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I saw this mentioned somewhere as a favorite that was purchased at a renaissance faire.  Every single ren faire I've been to, the perfume booths were using FOs, diluting them in fractionated coconut oil or similar, and then selling them for mucho moola.  I can't figure out what this one is but was wondering if it might ring any bells with the rest of you?

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Oh, wow, never heard of them.  Thanks!  Why does that not come up when I google "lavender, sage, vetiver, oakmoss, sandalwood"?  What google-fu are you using?


ETA:  this is what their ebay page says for the description of that:


(Oakmoss & Amber - Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil Blend. Rich Woody Musk Notes with Amber & Herbs Mix. Blended with Orange Citrus, Lavandin & Sage Essential Oil ~! 7)


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