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Peaks Fragrance Oils


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They closed for a time, due to a divorce. Then, the man reopened selling fragrance oils only. FragranceBuddy also sells some dupes of Peak scents. I think someone else does, too..can't remember who it was. AFI also sells Peak dupes, but you must buy a minimum of 10 lbs. per order. I hope this helps?

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I got an email from them as well.  I won't return to purchasing from them.  I think they went about things the wrong way.  Fortunately, I stocked up before all the crap happened during a sale. So, should be good for quite some time.  Then I'll check out Keystone.

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2 hours ago, Trappeur said:

Is it my understanding that the only company that has Peak's formulas is Keystone and that all other companies are just duplications?



Based on the IFRA usage rates alone, others are dupes. 

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