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Hello all!


So happy to have found this insightful forum 😁


I recently began testing my own home made candles, and I'm not happy with the results. I have been using only soy wax.

After doing some research I read that coconut wax is good? I see it leaves a more aesthetic appeal rather than just soy wax alone, and that it helps with cold/hot throw.


What are your thoughts on creating my own soy/coconut wax blend? (I will also be adding in stearic acid)


Should i add another wax to this mixture? 


Any advice would be so great


Thank you :yay:

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Buckle in for a wax adventure as you learn new waxes and combos. My biggest piece of advice is to test one variable at a time. Coconut wax is not a magic bean for fixing soy. You'll need to test different combos of each to figure out what works well with your particular soy wax, containers, wicks, scents, etc.


Basically every blend is a brand new wax to learn from start to finish. When you make the blends, be sure to cure for several days, a week or more is better, and test burn the candle in stages all the way to the bottom to see what you have. The burn with soy changes tremendously when coconut is added. It can be better/worse depending on a load of variables.


There are quite a few coconut waxes available retail. Every single one is vastly different from the rest. I've been testing several for over a year, learning the benefits and shortcomings of each. There are a few threads with golden nuggets of info in the natural wax forum.


Grab a notebook, camera and melting pot. Will be interested to read your results.

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I usually just go with a pre-blended wax, maybe I'm scared or lazy. LOL 😝

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