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Please help!! NO hot throw :( Parrafin

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Hello i'm so frustrated that I can't seem to get any hot throw in any of my candles!


I add 8% FO and do this by weight I'm currently using Chandler grey pro container wax from 4candles. (I've also tried Sasol 6213).

I made the last batch of candles Tuesday and burned them for the last 2 hours but no hot throw at all - the cold throw is really nice.


I made 3 different scents and none of them are throwing. my method is as followed:


Heat to 80c (double boiler method)

Take off heat and let cool to around 65-60c

Add FO and stir well

Pour straight away


I have tried adding the FO at around 80 (with the sasol) but still no hot throw however I haven't tried the higher heat yet with this Chandler grey.


Im happy enough with the melt pool (even though I do need to wick up next time as it isn't quite reaching the sides but still enough melted wax to be able to throw something)


I used the wickwell cotton core wicks 


Any advice is muchly appreciated


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Hi and welcome. Sorry about your throw issues. I’m not familiar with any of your ingredients.


If you have a wax melter like for the Scentsy type of wax, drop a blob on there and see if you can smell it. That will help narrow down the wick as the issue. 



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The only thing I would offer is to try  heat the wax to 85c and add the FO at 85c and stir for two minutes. I had a similar problem once that I suspect was from not stirring enough, but 80c is below what I have been taught to use.

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You may also want to give them a little longer to cure. I haven't used that specific wax but there are some waxes and some fragrances that need a longer time to cure in order to get a good hot throw. Sometimes coming back a week or two later and testing again can make a world of difference.

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