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Newbie trying to understand hot scent throw.

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Because I'm new, I'm not sure how exactly to isolate my scent throw problem. I'm still waiting on good wicks to come in the mail, but I'm just not getting great throw. Using GW 464 and various wicks from CS and a few from hobby lobby and Michael's because I ran out of CS ones and I wanted to pour more. So my wax smells AMAZING on a candle warmer. Throw is great, but not so much when I burn the wick. Sometimes I get an okay melt pool, sometimes not, so I intend to try a lot of different wick brands until I find one, but I'm just not sure if the candle warmer test is isolating my problem to the wicks. 

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Well, if your melter smells great then you’re a good part of the way there. Each wick series burns at a slightly different temp. Sometimes the temp range for a wax/wick combo is narrow, so finding the right one takes a bit of time and patience. 


464 is a pretty popular wax. Cd, CDN,CSN,  are pretty common for that wax. Some like http and or lx. Eco may do the trick too depending on your container. The goal is to balance the melt with the rate of consumption - meaning finding the right heat to generate a decent melt pool that the flame uses as fuel so the MP is not too big. That wick will change based on your fragrance, fragrance load, etc. as you’ve no doubt read. 


Once you hit that magic sweet spot prepare to rejoice. I remember walking into my house and wondering where that amazing smell was coming from. When I realized it was one of my candles I legit teared up with joy. 

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