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What is the simplest DIY body spray base? Is it just straight up vodka?


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If not vodka, what else?  Witch hazel has too much of it's own scent.  Or maybe I need to consider some of those spritz and mist recipes that use fractionated coconut oil, if something oily/slippery aids with scent longevity on your skin?  I've seen some of those recipes floating around.  I'm not selling or even gifting these; this is for myself only.


I'm asking in case I have some ingredients already that I can put together and make a body spray base without buying a gallon and paying those extortion-level shipping costs.  I don't mind even making very small, 2 oz amounts so that I use it up quick.  I'm mostly trying to motivate myself to use more of the FOs I have before they start going bad (which all will eventually do)....

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Cyclomethicone is another volatile enough base that I see used. Personally, I dislike oils in sprays. They can stain fabrics and if they drift to the floor, it can become very slippery.


Humectants like glycerin can help keep the scent longer. Or make some solid perfumes with a lip balm base... 


bath and body body works used to make a pump style liquid fragrance that I loved in the day. It contained alcohol, but was thick.

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On 6/1/2018 at 10:09 AM, Shari said:

Do you have access to everclear?  It works great.  So does Vodka, just the cheap stuff.  I just recently purchased some perfumers alcohol to give a try.  

I've used both everclear and vodka and don't find any difference in the final mixture.  The only problem is that using an alcohol product makes it illegal to sale.....but since I don't sale, no problem.  I do use perfumers alcohol on occasion and find that the cost is out of range for personal use but if I'm making a spray for someone other then myself, then I will use the Perfumers Alcohol.

Darbla, I'm with you on using up FOs before they go bad.  For nothing more than personal use (what I call Fart Spray for my guys to use in the bathroom) I add only the FO, some water and a touch of FO modifier.....but that's just for me.  Some times I use this spray on my pillows and sheets....if I find a FO mixture that I really like then I use it on my linens.  I've found that this is a nice way to test FO blends...kwim?

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