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4 ounce mason jar

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I'm slowing going legally blind and am teacing my sister the ropes. Can't rean measure cups. Can someone very kindly tell me how much wax can pour in a 4 ounce mason jar to the point to allow room for wick, although I  have found I can fold wick over if I feel to the top. I also need to know how much wax can a 8 ounce and 1y ounce mason jars. You assistance is greatly honored and appreciated. Sincerely Pam

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I think about 3oz of wax on the 4 ounce, 6 oz in the 8 oz jar, 12 for the 16 oz jar.  Tho it can be more depending on how full you  make the candles.  the 4 oz jar is the one i am not 100% sure on.  Sorry to hear about your sight.  I am actually legally blind.  Tho i can read things like measuring cups I just gotta hold them somewhat close depending on the text size.  The 8 and 16 oz jars i pulled info from websites online.  The 4 oz i could only find info for jelly jars.  others may have more exact info from what they use.

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