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Help with name


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I did a blend of cinnamon and musk.  Not crazy about it, lol, but I hope someone will like it enough so I can get rid of the clamshells I made.  I smell more cinnamon than anything, but not enough to call it just cinnamon.  I had named it spicy musk, but didn't go over so well.  Any ideas?

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19 hours ago, franu61 said:

@Sarah S  I love them all!  Now which one do I pick?


1 hour ago, Hopie said:

I like the Sultry or the Light My Fire....both are "suggestive", but not overly :)


I think like Hopie said, it depends on how tame you need it to be. With my people, dirtier is better, but you may need to keep it PG, lol. I really like Light My Fire... Or how about Hot Flash!

Great for the ladies over 40! 😂

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Hahahaha! I like "hot flash". I was lucky I only had them for about two years, pity those who have them for years on end!


Yes, it depends on the venues you sell at...we do get kids and such, so I don't have risque type items. Some of the shows we do are county fairs, which is loaded with kids.

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On 5/11/2018 at 9:43 PM, Sarah S said:

Sounds like something I'd love! I would give that bad boy a sexy name.

Hot and Bothered


Alpha Unleashed

Light My Fire

Sinfully Hot


and now I'm off to read a romance novel! 😂😂😂 


Hot and Bothered is what would sell it like crazy here!


Other names could be:


Kama Sutra

Night at the Casbah

Hot Date

Little Red Corvette

Exotic Dancer

Mata Hari

Midnight Orgy


Haha! I am having too much fun with these names!

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