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Questions regarding wholesale

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Hello all. 😊I have some questions regarding wholesale for candle for any of you who have experience. I would much appreciate your opinions!


For those who are home -based, do you all allow locals to pickup at your house or do you deliver personally?


What type of boxes/packaging do you use for wholesale orders?


How did you create your line sheet? If it PDF form or a link to a website or google spreadsheet?


After a wholesale order is sent, do you followup as far as asking about product performance? Do you allow returns on items that aren't selling?


Do you offer stores NET30 or other credit terms? If so, how to make sure you get paid?


At which point did you feel your company was ready for wholesale?


What capacity of space and equipment do you think one needs before wholesaling?


Thanks in advance!!!!



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  I am home based, but zoning doesn't allow me to sell from here.  I will make arrangements to meet up and deliver to loyal, local customers, but I won't travel far.  I have just one wholesale account.  It is local so I deliver to them.  I actually maintain the inventory and stock the shelf myself.  I come in one day and see what is needed to replenish, then make and deliver.  I have a spreadsheet type invoice with scent names and sizes and prices that I tally and total. I have them write a check to me on the spot at delivery.  As far as size and equipment goes, it really depends on the size of the wholesale account(s). 

I think @Trappeur does a lot of wholesale so maybe she will chime in on this.

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