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Spring Petals

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WOW, someone needs to hurry up and invent the smell-o-screen for the computer to help all of us out.  I have looked at to many soaps/candles on here that i would love to be able to smell it is not funny.

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4 hours ago, Candybee said:

Lovely soapies JC! Wish I could smell them. I love the fragrances you pick and the colors say Spring!

Thank you! It does smell so good. I'll be saving one of these bars for myself for sure. 

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9 hours ago, Sarah S said:

The inside looks like tulip petals!

Is that glitter on top?? 😍


JC does totally awesome soaps that is for sure Sarah.  I have bought from her just because I just love her look with the glitter.  Here is a picture of a set up I did of my crystal candles and I set one of her soaps in the picture because they looked so beautiful together....I hung onto her soaps for a couple of years displayed in my cabinets till it was time to use them, which I hated but I did.


This picture I took without a flash....Was so romantic looking with such ambiance to the picture I thought.





Here is another shot I took with a flash...still beautiful, just different....

See how you can see the glittery sparkles?




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