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Frustrating weekend (for me anyway)...


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So yesterday I made my soap which turned out almost exactly the way I wanted. I was going to pipe the top, but decided not too. after cutting it I kinda wish I would have. But it smells soooo good!! It's the blend I made out of pink willow and lilac, Kai, botanical orchard and nectar, and fruit slices. I think there were a couple other scents in there also, but I forgot what they are and didn't write them down. :( 


Then I made some feather pillars, a cinnamon bun candle (for an order) along with some cinnamon bun melts, and a couple glass-glow containers (also for an order) 


Well, everything on the pillars was going fine, but stupid miss impatient me, unmolded one of the pillars too soon and the inside was still molten liquid, and leaked everywhere when I pulled the wick pin out. UGH so then trying to salvage it, I remelted and remolded. Well, apparently I forgot to put more wick putty around the wick pin so it wouldn't leak. LOL Well, I got frustrated, rigged it so I put it back in my presto to continue to set, leak whatever it wanted to do. When it was set, I took the mold out of the presto, and remelted all the leaked wax and made another small candle out of that. 


Well, today, not matter what I do I can't get that mold to NOT leak. I've tried everything. putty, duct tape, magnetic tape, you name it. Tried 6 pillars, all leaked, so I gave up, did the same as I did yesterday, and will go back downstairs when I have more patience to deal with it. LOL 


I also made another soap today scented with a mix of strawberry preserves, vanilla, kiwi, and teeny tiny bit of coconut banana blast. So teeny tiny, you can't even smell it. 


I also decided to try my new little light box that everyone was gaga over a couple months ago that is powered by USB. Gotta say, I LOVE it. It's small though, and I can only do 1 product at a time. 


the pictures are in my iPad, so later today when everything is finally complete and I'm done taking pictures, I will download them in the appropriate sections. 

Now - it's naptime. :) 

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I accidentally bought some palm pillar was thinking it was container and had been debating on trying a pillar but i think atm i don;t wanna mess with something that I might screw up and get really annoyed with cause then i wont wanna mess with candles again.  So i will take that pillar wax back to the store soon.  Your post helped me to finally decide on if i wanted to keep the wasx or not.  But that soap with strawberry and kiwi sound like it would smell amazing.  Around were i live you don't find much handmade soap or even that much in handmade candles for that matter.

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Oh my goodness! I did the same thing a few weeks ago @Jcandleattic . Thought for sure my pillars were done. I was using a silicone mold and started to unmold. Was halfway done unmolding and all of a sudden hot wax out everywhere! So frustrating so I definitely understand needing to take a break for a bit :( 

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1 hour ago, Sponiebr said:

What ended up being the issue with the mold?


Honestly I think gremlins. LOL I couldn't figure anything out, unless I just didn't clean it well enough because once I cleaned it as much as I could by getting everything nice and smooth (which I honestly thought it was already) and re-puttied the wick hole, vioila, no leakage. My molds are super well seasoned and really just a good wipe down usually gets them super clean, especially working with palm that normally just slides right out and doesn't leave much residue at all. So - yeah, who the  heck knows. LOL 

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