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Hi everyone!

I have a wholesale customer who is requesting that I ship my room sprays in packs of four to reduce breakage during shipping, as they are 4 oz glass bottles. Up until now, I have just shipped them individually wrapped in bubble wrap and have not had any issues. Should I get cardboard dividers and individial boxes for each set? This will be extremely costly and also add to the package weight. Any ideas on how to ship in packs of four?


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I'd bubble wrap the room sprays tightly together in bunches of 2s or 4's  then find a 5" x 5" (?)  kraft fold n tuck gift box and stick them in there.


Add more bubble wrap as needed until they are tight and not moving about at all in the kraft gift box.  No jiggling allowed.  Then wrap the kraft boxes together tightly with bubble wrap and pack the kraft gift boxes into your outer shipping box.  Surround the inner boxes with enough peanuts so they are tight and make sure there's a good buffer zone  of peanuts between inner and outer boxes so they'll be protected on all sides should the outer box get dented, banged, thrown across a warehouse, stomped on ...


The addition of the kraft boxes shouldn't add too much addl. weight and the kraft fold n tucks are pretty inexpensive, especially if bought in qty.



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