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Candle Dye

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Has anyone on here tried the flutter dies from candle cacoon.  Some of the shades seem close to colors i would be interested in for candle making.  Also you can supposedly add more chips per pound than most other dye chips without clogging the wick.  It seemed like a good alternative for diamond chips since  some of the diamond chip colors i was looking at in diamond chips are out on several sites.  I ended up buying dye blocks because some of the ships were sold out,  and flutter dies would be a lot easier to use since they are already for 1 pound of wax from the start.

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They also have what they call dye snibbles that i am curious about.  They claim that only .025oz per pound of wax will dye your candles to a very deep shade.


If no one has tried either of these dies i might have to order some of each to try out and see when i have to order more wax.

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