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I found some homemade deodorant recipes online. Just google and you will see some. Looks like the ingredients used to make it a deodorant are baking soda, arrowroot, cornstarch.


The best I found were deodorant bars using shea butter and coconut oil and a little beeswax. Have you ever made a solid lotion? That's what they are with additives mentioned above and some EOs like lavender and tea tree.


Here is a recipe I like that I found. I may try this myself: https://thehumbledhomemaker.com/natural-homemade-deodorant-recipe/


I think you would have better luck with a solid lotion bar as opposed to a soap but I could be wrong. Remember, soap is a wash off product so the effects may not work as well as a leave on product like a solid lotion.

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Thanks for the tips and the link for the recipe.


I want to try out selling some natural deodorants at an upcoming craft; because this is my first time, I thought that M&P might be a good way to start.  Because I'm such a 'tight wag', I could only find a couple of websites selling deodorant M&P and the pricing did not seem very competitive considering the ingredients are few and very simple.


I just might try making it from scratch myself......or do you think, for the first time I should spend the money for M&P?

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