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Wax mixing

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I would like to know myself. I have thinking about doing a blend of parafifn & coconut wax . I make wax melts with paraffin for a long while now .I have no experience with soy .I hope some soy users will chime in on this subject. I know many here use soy . I  see your a new member .Welcome ! You will certainly learn alot here on Craft Server . I appreciate so many here with their knowledge & advice .

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What type of of coconut are you using?

most cocos already contain soy in the blend, soy is harder to work with in general and get throw so adding more could hinder it more but there is only way to find out.... maybe try a 80/20 or 70/30 ratio with the additional soy being the lower percent 

the coconuts I have used have had pretty good throw - the trick is all in the wick type and size, coco likes smaller wicks 

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