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Status Lids for This Jar?

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Since I used to use these jars for candle making anyways, and have a rough idea on wicking them, I'd like to continue testing the waxes in these jars. They're from Dollar Tree. My question is this, what size lids fit these jars if I am to order them online? Trying to save on shipping the jars, when I can just get them locally.


Also, their web site doesn't say how many ounces they are. I don't have any empty ones to measure right now, and DT is out of stock on them.  https://www.dollartree.com/Wholesale-Church-Supplies-Bibles-and-Personal-Care-at-DollarTree-com/Candleholders/Rocks-Glass-Candle-Holders-4-inch/c962c911p294384/index.pro


Thanks for any help :)

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Gee, that was fast! Thank you so very much. I did find these, too....expensive! So now, I have to think about which one I'd like to get....decisions, decisions...what do you think of these? https://www.candlescience.com/containers/bronze-metal-flat-lid   Wondering if I should go more "upscale", or use the plastic lids? 

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5 minutes ago, TallTayl said:

A few of those flat look lids look weird on the status jar because of the way the glass comes out of the bottom

Those plastic lids you posted may be the way to go. I like the way they go inside the jar, instead of protruding from the top. Cost, space and weight are always an issue for us. 

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