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Packaging - paper harmful to scent performance?

Dorothy Mantooth

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Hi everyone. I'm back and looking at giving wax melts a shot.  I've really enjoyed all the tarts from the fall tart swap. It's been a lot of fun switching out scents.


I have a question about packaging. Do you think a wax tart placed on cardstock will cause the FO to be sucked out of the wax at a rate that would cause the tart to be ineffective? The thinking is using cardstock pressed against the flat of a tart and then shrinkwrapped. I know some FO will leach to the paper, which I'm fine with. I just don't want the scent of the tarts to be disappointing if they've been stored for months before purchased. And for this discussion say the cardstock is the same size as the tart - example a 2" square bar with a 2" square cardstock.

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