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4630 HTP Wicking Challenge

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I am doing some testing with 4630. HTP wicks are working well so far but they are leaning and curling causing an uneven burn. I have read several threads where other chandlers are using HTPs. Was wondering if you are having the same challenges of leaning and curling? Wish these wicks were more rigid.  Thanks!

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I love the HTPs, but they can definitely get their swerve on, lol!

I don't see it as a problem unless the container is really big or it is under wicked in the first place. In an appropriately wicked 16oz jar, I aim for a full mp by the third burn, maybe fourth burn. So I'll have a bit of uneven hangup for the first few burns, but it all smooths out as I burn down the jar. Now, if it's a bigger jar, or if it's under wicked, then as it burns down, the side with more hangup is going to reach a point where it all start to melt at once and the wick will drown under the access wax as it isn't burning hot enough to consume it all. 

My understanding is that this is the nature of the self-trimming wicks, and that the curve at the top is what keeps them burning cleanly.

Where are you getting your wicks from? Some companies treat their wicks with a higher melt point wax than others, and I think that really helps with the leaning. I really, really like the wicks from Flaming Candle, I have gotten excellent burns with those. Filmore also has some great HTPs.

How bad is your lean? Is it a cosmetic issue, or do you feel like it's affecting the quality of your burn?

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I had some sample wicks from wicks unlimited. I also have some from Candle Science. Mine are leaning and curving causing a real uneven burn. Hangup for me is no problem as a general rule. These are really not good.  May try to get a few from Flaming Candle...thanks!!

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