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GB 464 & IGI 4630 blend questions

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Hi everyone, this is my first post but I've been learning a ton on here so far! I am new to making candles in the past few months. I started with just 464 in 8oz straight sided jelly jars but I could not get a hot throw at all. I cured my candles for 2 weeks and used ECO wicks. I have switched over to a 50/50 blend of 464 and IGI 4630 and that has been a lot better with the hot throw, but now I'm having trouble with finding the right wick. Candlescience recommended an ECO 2 but that seemed too small. I have tried ECO 4, 6, and now 8. They all seem to leave some wax on one side. The 8 also has a pretty big flame. Any suggestions for the best wicks for this wax blend in 8oz and 4oz jelly jars? Also how long do you usually cure parasoy? I've been doing 48 hours minimum but wondering if I need to do longer. Thanks so much for any advice!!

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HI littlehouse!

With a 50/50 blend, you'll still want a longer cure. I'd say minimum a week. It would not be a bad idea to pour multiple candles and test one at one week, one at two weeks, and one at four months to get a feel for how your blend changes with the cure.

As for the wicks, I really like  HTPs for my container candles, I feel like they are pretty foolproof. CDs are also good with container wax. Hopefully some other veggies wax users can give their recommendations. I've never used ECO, so I can't help you there.

When you say there is wax on the side, are you talking about the first burn? Or all the way to the bottom of the candle and the last burn? Personally I don't look to get a full melt pool until at least halfway down the container, otherwise the last couple burns are way too hot.

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1 hour ago, willowtree said:

Honestly...if I don't get a decent throw within 24 hours of candle curing, I try another wax combination.  FOUR MONTHS????


Oh no, sorry!! I meant 4 weeks! 🙃

It isn't just about throw, soy wax needs a cure for optimum wick performance as well, even a soy blend. I was suggesting she observe how her blend may change over time, not necessarily suggesting she wait a month to see if it throws.

I am the queen of impatience, which is why I prefer paraffin! 😂

Although paraffin does better with at least a 48 hour cure as well, IMO!

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13 hours ago, lovelyscents said:

I know, but even 4630 poured alone needs a repour for me, it always sinks in the middle no matter what temp it's poured at.  I've also tried slower cooling and no go.


Gotcha. I get that too with the CBL125, but it's an itty bitty dip, so I embrace it as part of my hand-made appeal. 😉

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