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Latest Wicking of 464

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Now that we've got our wicking figured out for 464 soy from 2016-2017, has anyone gotten newer Lots of 464 such as from the last few months of 2017 and had to wick up again?   If I got this right from what Candlescience said, it was in the processing not the FDA requirements that caused those batches that caused us so much trouble.  Would we now be getting wax that should be back to what it was before those F Lots we previously discussed here?  Also, for those recently purchasing 464, what is the date on your carton?


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Goldie, 2 weeks ago my box of 464 was lot F  12/19/17

              last week my box of 464 was lot C  12/19/17


I'll tell you what....I've been upping my oils to 1.2 oz of oil to a pound of wax.

Those 2 different boxes of wax I have not had "any" problems with throw what so ever.


Right now I have been burning for the past 2 days Flamings Salted Caramel in the F Lot and it is a real killer throw and that is through out the house....no kidding.


Maybe I have found my nitch by upping a little more oil...but I have as you know gone from a cd 12 to a cd 10 in the 16oz canning jar and it still is doing just fine!

I'm a happy camper.



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@Trappeur Thanks, good to know you didn't have to wick back up with the new soy.  I'm at a point where I have to order more wax and wondered if it would be another testing nightmare.  At least I have two wicks to start with--Premier 770s and CD 10s (pint jars).  Those are the two that worked out for me with the last three boxes of wax.


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