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Ever gotten a scent that didn't work as well as before?

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Has anyone ever gotten a scent that you've ordered before, but then didn't work? One of my most popular scents is Volcano that I was getting from Aztec, and I ordered 2 -32oz bottles during a promotion they had and found it didn't work at all under the exact same circumstances. I called and they said no one else had the same problem. I have tried EVERY variation you can imagine trying to figure it out! I found it works ok in a room spray (I use a base of vodka & water) but the smell disappears within 5 minutes. HELP! I have many requests for this scent, do I dare try ordering it again? Anyone else ever have this kind of thing happen?

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On 2/11/2018 at 8:18 PM, Smelly1 said:

Thanks for the info and replies! I'm brand new to this forum and so glad I found y'all!


Recently Aztec has many scents that have been reformulated,they specify on their site the ones that have been .I have a pound of their Volcano as well.I will put this one in the wax & see if results are different.I know Candlescience Strawberry Shortcake has not been the same for me .I poured a pound of melts & no scent throw .I used the same wax as always ,so definitely think some oils have been reformulated .By the way Welcome to CS.You will love this site for any craft you create ,lots to learn here .I certainly have learned so much here.

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