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E/O Blends for Hormone Balance

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Wow, I feel for all of  you. When menopause hit me, it was very mild. Had many nite sweats but only had to deal with very few hot flashes during the day (like at work).  I guess I'm one of the lucky ones!

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I use bio-identical hormones both estrodiol and progesterone but they are compounded by a pharmacy and you need a prescription for them.  They help with most of the symptoms, like headaches, not sleeping, night sweats, hot flashes.  What really helped me thru the worst was getting off everything white and no sugar or sweeteners except stevia.  Hot flashes stopped within a few days and only come back if I eat badly.  I've been "in menopause" for 20 years now, still get hot flashes, it's the pits.

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