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Bramble berry bergamot black tea


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Tried some new FO's from bramble berry with my latest order of wax. I had ordered some bergamot black tea FO to try since my mother and her friends like citrus, and because I like to spoil people lol. I personally am not a fan of citrus nor perfumey scents. 


I gotta say this is hands down the nicest and most elegant citrus FO I have ever smelled, and it holds up really well in wax and butter. I don't like perfumey scents but this smells like a very classy high end sort of perfume smell to me. The citrus is soft and so it doesn't smell culinary. It is very feminine but not in a powdery floral way. All the citrus gals so far who have tried it really love it, too. Solid lotions galore.


Anyway just pretty impressed with that one, thought I'd share. 


They also sent me a sample of rose quartz FO and to me it basically smells like red Kool-aid powder, plus sleigh ride FO which to me kind of smells like if some wintergreen gum and big red gum were mixed together, honestly smells pretty bad to me, and so far nobody likes it.


Bergamot black tea though A++ in my book, even as someone who usually avoids citrus like the plague. Seriously every time I am dragged to Lush with my sister in law I'm just like yall have anything in this store that doesn't smell like fruit and they will bring me some coffee beans massage bar from the back like, "Uh... this." :mellow: 

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23 hours ago, Sarah S said:

Mm mm, I love tea fragrances!

Have you tried BB's plain Black Tea? It was very interesting. Really sweet, kind of smokey almost. Super crazy strong!


Not yet but I want to! It looks like it would be really nice for blending. I just received my big box of samples from wholesale supplies plus so that was my big sampling splurge for December. Got a few really nice masculine scents from them. Though the sample that impressed me the most was Dirt LOL. I can't get over how much it really does smell like potting soil, it's crazy.

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26 minutes ago, Kerven said:

Does it smell anything like Earl Grey tea?


It smells a bit like Earl Grey tea but not spot on.


I used to live in London for 7 years and I drank a lot of Earl Grey Tea during that time. I still haven't found a ready made FO here in USA that smells like it. Suppliers seem to be very happy to provide a lot of 'White Tea' scents in mass but not much of black tea blends.


I'd say mix a good black tea (if you can find one) with bergamot and you would get closer.

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I love BB's Bergamot Black Tea and really love their Black Tea! Nothing out there remotely compares. Like NaughtyNancy, I don't love fruity scents, and I agree with Strugglebrother that this fragrance isn't Earl Grey. It's just really nice, and I'll be re-ordering.

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Speaking of tea fragrances, I ordered Flaming's Tea and Cakes, and just put it in wax this past week. It is very interesting, you really can smell the black tea and sweet cake quite distinctly. I honestly can't decide if I like it or not. I made tarts with a 8% FO load, and the cold throw is super strong. They've been curing (parasoy blend), so I'm going to pop a couple in the warmer today and see what the HT is like. I can't imagine using this for any kind of B&B application, but I personally don't like food type fragrances in my soap anyway. This could be an interesting change of pace for someone who enjoys sweet fragrances or if you're looking for something unusual.

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17 hours ago, strugglebrother said:

I tried to make a candle of the Bergamot Black Tea in soy. Didn't turn out good after curing. Smell's good out of the bottle tho, might work better in soap?


I used it in a solid lotion and a solid perfume, which are somewhat similar to each other in how I make them and their ingredients. They both held the scent very well and true to the fresh OOB smell. I don't have very much experience making candles, but from what I have gathered browsing, it seems that both with candles and with soaps that cure, there is like an additional layer to FO quality that I normally don't have to worry about with solid lotion/perfume. I have read cases of scents going away, only to come back later while curing??? I'd be curious to know the science behind that, it sounds interesting. But yeah I can really only ever review how something smells to me fresh OOB and going into wax/butter/carrier. FO's are some tricky business, eh? First I had to learn that notes description on the sites didn't necessarily mean jack, then I had to learn that how something smells inside the bottle is not necessarily how it will smell outside of the bottle, which is not necessarily how it smell in a product, and then the scent may transform yet again! Haha.

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1 hour ago, Sarah S said:

But on the other hand, while I love burning my Christmas Splendour candle, I surely don't want to perfume myself with it, lol!


I'm a total weirdo, I would totally wear RE's Christmas Bliss with some sandalwood lol. I love unusual stuff, though. Of all my blends and solo FO's, I have three rough categories.


1. Stuff I would totally wear that makes other people go this is.. perfume?

2Stuff that other weirdos also tend to like in lotion/perfume.

3. Stuff that is normal lol. 


That is the main reason I was so excited about the Bergamot Black Tea. Like oh my goodness, it smells fairly normal and feminine, and I like it, too! It's a miracle! :lol:

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