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GW 464 wick help

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Any golden wax 464 soy users that can offer me any insight on which wick types to use? 


I'm using 9oz glass jars. Started with ECO wicks as recommended by Candle Science but have had no luck with them. Just tried RRD for the first time and they’re mushrooming horribly in all sizes tested. I’m so new to this, any suggestions would be SO appreciated!!! Please please please. 

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Candlescience has a very handy wick guide  


If you’re using the straight-sided jars 9oz jars from their site, they recommend the ECO 10, but I found it too small. ECO 12 work better in testing for me, both with 464 and 444. 





EDIT: Nevermind. I see you’ve already tried ECO. :)

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