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New guy here, seeking recommendations

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I just made my first batch ever and am waiting for them to cure for a few days.  I don't want to make 10 wrong turns and waste a bunch of money before I find the right path.  


I'm starting out with GW 464 because that sounded like a trusted one. (starting out with 4oz mini jars until I find the main scents I like, then will mainly use 16oz)

I got my FO from candle science for little over $1/oz


While they are curing I started doing more research and I'm curious if I should skip from soy to a blend IGI 6006 (I'm looking to get maximum hot throw) Thoughts?


Also I'm curious if anyone can comment on a quality comparison of FO between candle science and bulk apothecary.

CS seems pretty cheap but I just realized that BA is a 10 minute drive from me and would be really convenient to shop in store for new stuff.  Bulk apothecary is about double the price per ounce but they also claim that "Our fragrance oil can be used at .3%" due to no dilution.  My thought is that anyone can use .3% but will you really get a great hot throw? This batch that is curing, I used 10% FO (but I haven't tested yet)


Anybody got any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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Can't help with the wax but on the fo both are very reputable companies and both have some great fo's.  Being able to drive to a supplier is a huge plus in my world.  I like being able to sniff before I buy and I don't like 1 oz sample sizes so I waste some $ on fo I can't sniff.  As far as the claim, hmmm, some fo's from them I'm sure you can use less than 6% but down to 3%????   I tend to use what my wax mfg recommends not the fo supplier.

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I would compare the total cost for pick up/vs shipping, since BA is double the price. I have never used any BA oils, but CS oils I have used have been fantastic.


I love 6006 for the throw, but many straight soy users have decent throw from the 464.


10% seems high, I shoot for 6%, but I haven't used 464 lately so what do I know.

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I use 464 and my opinion is you are using way too much oil.   I generally stick to 6% like most do but there are others who use a bit more I know.  As far as BA goes, yes they are expensive.....I've only ordered oils from them last month and they both turned out to be duds...Was a shame because from the bottle sniffing it they were awesome and I had high hopes for these fragrances.  I'll probably try again with these scents and back down on the oil from 6%.   So I can't really offer much on Bulk Apothecary as far as scents go.   Now CS, I've been ordering from them for years and years and they are a very reputable company who puts out beautiful quality fragrances.  You can't go wrong with CS that is for sure.  Now I have been ordering my wicks from BA as they are 3.00 a bag cheaper and their shipping is quite good.  All companies have their hits and misses you will find.


Why would you use 10% oil if they state that you can use 3%?  And what wicks are you using and 464 I let mine cure for 2 weeks.  How long a cure are yours?   It looks like you said just a couple of days?  


Also there is quite a bit of problems with soy nowadays and everyone is having to retest all wicking and on 464 I've had to go down a couple sizes on wicks from what I am accustomed to.  So you will have to be doing LOTS of testings that is for sure with the waxes coming out today.  This goes for different fragrance oils.

You will have to test all your oils and see for yourself if they are good throwers or not.   You will be getting all sorts of different answers from everyone, so the best thing you can do is read as much as you can and just proceed ahead as best as you can.



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@Trappeur thanks for the info I appreciate it.  


Reason I started with 10% is because 464 holds max 12% fragrance (according to CS) so I just used 10%.  I will try out 6%

4 in dia jar I have double wicked with eco 10 (haven't done a test burn yet, figured I would start a little high then come down)


I was just guessing that for max throw you want to put the max amount of FO allowable.  I was going to cure for 3-4 days but I guess longer is better for the throw quality?





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