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Christmas Labels for Apple Orchard


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I thought I would share some labels I designed for my apple orchard account you've heard me talk about so many times. 

I was having a hard time deciding so decided I would go with both styles.  They both have the red/black buffalo check in it so they really went together.

This orchard account has an old farm wagon right as you enter the store which looks pretty much like in the picture here so I was thrilled when I came upon this design.

I'm using my standard 16oz canning jars which I use a black lid on it and also putting a red stretchy bow around the neck just for the holidays.

I'm also going to bring into the store the 12oz status jar just for the holidays.

Just wanted to share my labels since I was so thrilled with them....I hope they like what I came up with...they always do and don't care what I make for them...

Thanks for looking.











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Belinda, thanks!


Belinda, I know it is very overwhelming...and know so many get frustrated.  I'll message you and we can talk and I'll come up with some great designs for you to look at......It would be my pleasure to help you as much as you have helped me sending out samples of oils.  Yay....now I can do something for you. And yes there are sooooo many designs there and I can fiddle faddle with some ideas....I'm sure I could come up with some great ideas....I love doing things like this...



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