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Ky 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend

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I'm looking into making wax melts with using just ky 133 versatile paraffin wax blend no other wax or anything added to it!...I just tried a few and didn't get the scent throw I was expecting..I added fragrance at 185 and poured around 170...can anyone tell me if the have used this wax at all and what they thought about it...any tips? Thanks! :)

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I just started testing with this wax. So far I poured 3 tarts in fragrances that I know are good throwers. It doesn't have the initial burst of strong fragrance that some waxes do as the wax achieves a full melt pool, but the melts are really lasting a super long time. I have one in my 25 watt melter right now that has been on since yesterday afternoon and I can still smell it. That's at 9% FO load.

I'm thinking I might add a bit of Igi 4630 to this as it is very hard, and maybe that will help with the initial throw.

Like @Belinda has said, everyone has different preferences, and you may have to experiment to find what  you like.

I have also had very good results with The Candlemakers Store's tart wax blend, if you're looking to try another pellet-type pre blended wax.

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