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'oil slick' swirl on candle tops


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Hello, I've been making candles for 5 years and lately, I've been noticing at an 'oil slick' effect on the top of my candles. Tops are really smooth and looks nice, but there is a swirly oil 'sheen' when light reflect off the surface as if there is a very thin layer of oil resting on the top. Any idea on how to fix this? Or is this the new normal? This seems to be the case with all the FOs I try (from several different companies as well as my own blends). Here is my process:


Wax: GB 464, Heating to 190 degrees, adding 9.5% FO immediately, stirring for 3 minutes, pouring at 135 degrees. 

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Here are two pictures. One is in a glass container and hasn't been heat gunned – so you can see how the top forms naturally. The second on in a tin has been heat gunned and you can see it's nice and smooth but the oil 'swirls' are there.


To me it looks like the FO isn't blending in 100%, but I'm not sure why. I'm only at 9.5% FO load. 



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Well, right off the bat Aviking you have waaayyyy too much oil you are using. So I would back down on that.


Now I have had that look on the top happen to me a few times but not at that low temperature you have poured, but a much higher temp like maybe 159 (that was an accident)...it really doesn't look like an oil slick to me...but it probably is with as much oil as you have used.


Not to change the subject, but how is that jar burning?  Looks like an awful big wick to me.  what jar are you using and what size wick if you don't mind me asking?



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