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Para-Soy Tarts-Increasing Scent Thow

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I'm new to making candle making but I started trying to make wax melts. I'm currently using Para-Soy and wanted to increase my scent throw wasn't sure if anyone knew if I could use Vybar in it at all or what it would do? Or does anyone have any tips or recipes for great scent throw?

Thanks! :)

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OK, I clicked on your link, and according to the info there, you can add up to 10% fragrance load.  That means you can add about 1.5 oz. fragrance per pound of wax.  How much are you using?  If you're using less than 10%, you could try bumping up the amount of fragrance you add to improve scent throw.


Another factor in tart throw is the wattage of the warmer.  If you're testing in a low watt warmer, that might impact throw.  What is the wattage of the warmer you test in?


Also, try changing location of warmer to an area with more air flow.  You might have it in a "dead zone."

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This wax typically has a really good to great scent throw. I would suggest that something is likely wrong with your process vs an issue with the wax. Again, above it was mentioned your fragrance load....what load are you using?  What temp do you add your oil?  What wattage melter are you using?  

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