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Credit Card issues w/ a supplier

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So both my chandler partner and I placed an order from Aztec, and within weeks of each other both of our credit card numbers were hacked.  We thought nothing of it of it at the time, but I was reading on a FB group that people placing orders from there were having their credit cards compromised.  Starting to think it wasn't a coincidence both of our cards were hacked.  Has anyone else had this happen from Aztec?  We order our jars from them---would HATE to lose them as a supplier.  Hoping it's just a temporary issue, or maybe just a coincidence.

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I had the same issue.... I still think it could have been due to Aztec. I asked them.. they naturally denied it. This WAS around the same time the equifax happened. So I am giving them benefit of the doubt. but never had an issue on other cards and it happened shortly after an order with them. 

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