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igi 4627 wicking with apothecary jars

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This has always been an ongoing issue for me over the years really no matter what wax or wicks, but I have currently switched to 4627 and again having the problem with thinking I have wicks that are going to rock, going strong, great melt pool, then get halfway down the jar and the flame gets lower and lower and eventually just burns out.  I have never had any luck single wicking either, I could get a full meltpool but the jars would get as black as coal

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I personally always double wicked 4" diameter apothecary jars with that wax using a 44-24-18z in 4627. I spaced the wicks so that the tabs were just about touching, center of the jar. Never really had a lot of sooting that way, providing I kept the wicks trimmed.

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