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Creating a Soy Paraffin Wax Blend


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Hello Experts!

I've been asked to create a soy-parrafin blend with Global Wax 464 and local pure paraffin.  I'd like to know from you, the experts, what percentages you recommend AND how you think is the best and most efficient way to go about testing the percentages.

Thank your

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1 hour ago, Nickie said:

I would start at a 50-50 or a 60-40 and go from there. This is all about testing. Blending then testing. The blend is really up to you depending on the characteristics you would like in the end. 

Those are the percentages I plan on doing.  

Do you blend the wax dry or melted?

Since soy and paraffin have such different pouring temperatures, how do you decide your blend's pouring temperature for best results?

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