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Visited Lone Star Candle Supply for Scents


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Thanks to Belinda, she told me about Lone Star Candle Supply and how close it was to me (50 min drive)

Went with my daughter today and we were primarily looking for bakery, fruity and candy smells.

We sniffed well over 100 and the front desk staff there were very welcoming and helpful.


Here is what we ended up buying in 1oz bottles to try out:


1. Marshmallow Madness - have been looking for a true marshmallow scent that was not a "toasted marshmallow" and this was it! (You were right Belinda!) This was the only one we bought an 8oz in because, as it was so great.

2. Banana - my daughter said it smelled just like banana taffy and it does!

3. Blackberry Lemonade - Another one I couldn't put down and it smelled amazing. Definitely smelled the blackberries with the tartness of lemonade.

4. Christmas Cookie - My daughter loved this and it is definitely yummy smelling.

5. Coconut Cream Pie - I don't like the taste of coconut, but I would eat this! It smelled really yummy.

6. Cranberry Kettle Corn - Didn't think I would like this combination, but I couldn't put it down! Spot on!

7. Eggnog - Again, I don't like Eggnog but I loved this one! And it's not a heavy eggnog scent.

8. Hanzel & Gretel's House - Loved this one! Smells just like a gingerbread house I build with my daughter each year :-)

9. Hazelnut - this was spot on and not too heavy smelling.

10. Hershey's Chocolate - Really needed a good chocolate scent and this is perfect.

11. Margaritaville - really liked that it was not overpowering and just perfect amount of scent just like a margarita.

12. Moose Munch - smelled so good you could eat it!

13. Pistachio Macaroon - so yummy smelling, had to get it. You can definitely smell pistachio and macaroon together.

14. Pomegranate - true to scent and not heavy smelling. 

15. Pumpkin Pickin - I don't like Pumpkin scents, but I liked this one! Not too strong and just the right amount of sweetness.

16. Rain - nice calming light scent.

17. Salted Caramel - Needed one for my collection and this was spot on.

18. Spearmint - really needed a good spearmint that wasn't too strong with an overpowering spearmint scent. This was perfect.

19. Sugared Cronut - Couldn't put this one down either, it smelled amazing and just like the real thing.

20. Swiss Miss - great hot chocolate scent (better than Hot Chocolate I purchased from Aztec)

21. Wild Cherry - nice strong true cherry scent


Others we really liked, but need to save for next visit:

Agave Papaya Sunset

Apple Slices

Banana Nut Bread

Birthday Cake

Blueberry Cobbler

Creme Brulee

Forbidden Fantasy

French Market

Fresh Baked Bread

Fudge Brownie

Granny Smith

Juicy Pear


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (spot on)


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Sounds like a fun day!  Glad you found so many you like.


I didn't do as well as you when I went to Nature's Garden. I quickly got overwhelmed trying to smell so many.


Lone Star is one supplier I haven't tried yet....and I sure don't need another! :)  But some you got sound really good.

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