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FO Causing Holes?!

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I have been testing mandarin plum from Peaks in a 12 oz. status jar with c3, CD-10. I only know what happened because I happened to be walking by when I heard the gurgling, it was a tunnel by the wick down under the surface. I unfortunately didn't take any pics because I was too in awe watching what happened lol. Once lit it opened that tunnel about 15 minutes into the burn sucked all the wax from the small pool, the wick burnt up and died. 

I've just been doing a second pour this summer since the C3 circle crack seems to be happening to me a lot and I don't feel like playing around with pouring temps, I usually poke a couple holes before the pour just in case. I used 6% load no dye. So I thought maybe I did something wrong. I remelted the wax, heated my jar this time, and poured it back in.. when I lit it again it had the same darned thing although not as bad and it didn't really affect things too much, yet anyways.

Ive never had this happen on any other scents in these jars, my methods haven't changed, the only thing "different" is the oil. What could it be? ?

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I don't work with soy, so can't speak to that but IME with my wax, the only time I get sink holes is when I pour too hot or don't poke relief holes before the second pour. I've never had this happen due to the scent. 


How long have you been making candles? Has the ambient temp where you are pouring changed due to season shifts? Humidity shifts? Your method may not have changed, but perhaps the environment in which you are working has? 

That's the only thing I can think, as I'd be skeptical to say it was the scent. 

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I've been making candles off and on for around eight years but have gotten serious with it the last year or so. It could be ambient temps as we are experiencing pretty warm weather, for us anyways, here in Washington. Due to a demanding day job and a 4 year old I pretty much pour in the middle of the night so it is substantially cooler, 60's outside 70s inside. I pour around 150. 

I wouldn't think it's the oil either normally but it's the only scent that's done it to me on both occasions I poured it. Three times if I count my remelt and repour. The first one I'm pretty sure now did the same thing but I didn't catch it so I assumed a bad wick and pulled it out and stuffed a new one in there.  I do poke little holes since I do a second pour but I've never found a hidden tunnel before.. I'm a tad upset there wasn't treasure down there haha. 

Since I only bought a 4 oz. bottle and Peaks is gone it's probably a non issue but I do have another curing that I'm patiently waiting to burn to see if it does the same thing. Would the wick possibly cause it in some weird way? Both of those were made with CD-10 from lonestar but this last one I made I used one from CC. 


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