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Cecil C. Wood

Valentines soap

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     Even if it’s days ahead of the valentine's day, I would eagerly start planning to give my sweetie a big surprise. This day will be more sweeter as we are celebrating five years of our relationship. I searched for different ways by which I could celebrate this day. Recently, I heard about the valentine soaps and its preparation,so I did a few researches on that too. Sharing of your suggestions is highly appreciated. I used to give lots of new gifts and surprises on each valentine's day. And I think, the coming valentine's day will be the best. Last year, she was shocked because of the unique surprise I gave her. I still remember the excitement I saw in her eyes when I gave her a painting http://www.robertsgallery.net/gallery-image/athabasca-paintbrush/ . It was so close to her heart because art and painting is her passion.


     I’m just waiting for that auspicious day. I always intend to make her happy and provide her an ostentatious life. Hope I will get your suggestions on this.


Thanks in advance



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Might be a strange question for me to ask, but are you a soap or candle maker already? I wasn't even really thinking about doing any special soaps for St. Valentines day, but now that I think about it a couple of logs with some rebatched embeds or a column heart embed might not be too hard a task... (Chuckles) I must say, now that I ponder this... I rather get a kick outta the concept of women rubbing my soap on their naughty bits. Sorry, I'm just a guy.... LOL. 


I'll need a heart shaped... (wait  for it) 


column mold. 

Um... Brambleberry might be the place to find that in silicone. Another neat idea I just had was to make some sort of silicone removable insert(s) for a regular cylinder mold. I HATE having tons of soap _specific_ stuff laying around. I like to use just exactly what I like to use and the rest... Don't want it, don't need it, don't have storage for it (that's a big part of my stashing policy), and I ain't gonna keep it. That and I get 99% of my stuff from the Dollar Tree so these aren't upsetting to give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  

So Cecil, 

What would YOU like to make for your sweetheart? Those filigreed soaps up there are really pretty and they'll need some Melt and Pour soap to fill them as well as some clam-shelled heart molds. IF they are flat backed and basically you can just mold your cold process soaps in them and fill each one. If you have a smidgen of patience and would mind you could do a slightly off white outside with a just so titchy bit of maybe some rose clay dissolved in just a little water, (VERY LITTLE AMOUNTS HERE.) I'm thinking for a 3.5 pound loaf you''d make up all of your lye water for the target water to oils % (e.g. I normally soap at 38% Oil:Water, but I was also going to make a ghost swirl.

First I need a formulation I know is going to work, PERFECTLY. 

Have your log mold lined and have the dividers put in so you can swirl a little better. 


Second I need to recalculate lye concentration down to oh... 30% And then just save off enough distilled water to make oh, let's just say 33% O:W.

After I have put in my fragrance oils and incorporated them in their entirety  (hold on to the rose ) 


Now moving fast pull the 1/3 of the  30% batter off and then add the water and stick blend. There you now have  one batch at 30% water and a smaller batch at 33% water. 


QUICKLY add your wet clay to that small batch and stick'it good. Pour your Surrounding soap quickly and evenly place in the swirls. Once full, pull out the divider and bang the mold on your work bench.  


Then grab a CLEAN chopstick and swirl away! I cut mine the next day. 

G'Luck Cecil! I really hope this will help you out. 




Bern The executor of BAD IDEAS

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On 10/26/2016 at 3:10 AM, Cecil C. Wood said:

I always intend to make her happy and provide her an ostentatious life. Hope I will get your suggestions on this.




Hello. Your wife is a lucky woman. :thumbsup: And those hearts are gorgeous, she'll love them.

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