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November Soap of the Month

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Well....my planned soap did not go as I wanted.  It seems like every batch  I have made over the last couple months has seized or thickened up so

much it ruins what design I had in my head.  Sooooo.....with that said, I am submitting this one for my November soap of the month anyway....because

well....crap happens in soap making....so figured you all  should see it regardless of prettiness or whether things went as planned.  And....I now work full

time, sooooo my soap making is limited and I don't know if I will have time to do another batch before my December soap is due lol.


So....my plan was a fall soap.  I decided to use Indian Summer from Backwoods....which I have had for quite awhile and never used.  There really was only 1 review for it and

that person said it did not accelerate, so I thought....ok...it's all good. Wrong.  It's a great smelling fragrance though....and I believe it is discontinued too :(


Here is my recipe: 


2 lb loaf mold


5% superfat as the default on soapcalc.


I used full water, run the recipe thru soap calc and print it out.



As I weigh out each item, I check it off on my sheet....


I weigh in grams


Water 344.73 Grams

Lye  129.98 Grams


Coconut Oil    263.08 Grams

Palm Oil         226.80 Grams

Olive Oil         226.80 Grams

Hemp Oil       136.08 Grams

Castor Oil        54.43 Grams


Measure out your oils and melt and set aside to cool.  Measure out your water (or any liquid you choose) and lye and set aside to cool.




Get your colorant ready and your fragrance measured out.  I'm using these below.  Lets just note here....that this is my first time using activated charcoal too.



I take a bit of oil from my batch and mix my mica's with that in the little dixie cups.



Get your mold ready.




I typically soap around 100 more or less.  Add your lye mixture to your oils and stick blend to emulsion.  



This was at a very light trace in the below picture.  Then I added the fragrance oil lol.......



Things got out of hand here when I divided up my batch into 3 measuring cups.  I couldn't get pictures of everything because it was thickening very quick and 

I needed to get moving or I knew I'd never get it molded.




The plan was to do a drop swirl at a very thin trace....but that went out the window in a flash!


I ended up doing a scrape and plop.....



And being my first time using activated charcoal....I'm thinking the black would be very black....nope....

had to quickly add more charcoal to get a darker color...and I still ended up with a very dark grey.   


At this point it was just plop plop plop.  I made a total mess.  I'm really quite anal about making a mess while I soap...

I do not like flinging soap all over my mold LOL.



So....decided I better get a spoon out and try to do a spoon swirl or something



I had to bang the mold quite a bit on the floor




Added my left over mica for some swirls on the top



Not looking too great at this point




I sprayed some alcohol on the top.....and there she is.   She actually doesn't look too shabby here.  



Hopefully when I cut it....it will be acceptable.  Right now she is resting in the corner of the room with her wooden lid on.  

Started to develop a tiny crack after about 2 hours, so I took the lid off and put her in the basement where it's cooler.  



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A cut and finished bar.  Not beveled or cleaned up.






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Even though the design you planned to do did not work out they still look great!   it's nice to know that you can make a save  when things start going awry !  thanks for the demo....

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WOO HOO......SOAP OF THE MONTH DAY!!! :yay: Debratant....your soap turned out fabulous! I love the colors and it is just beautiful!! You plopped it, you flinged it all over the mold, banged it on the floor and swirled it......as far as I am concerned if you can do any of that to your soap while making it, you are gittin' 'er done girl! :laugh2:  Awesome job! :icon_highfive:

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Farkin' soap gremlins!

How much of your colorants did you end up using and in about how much fat did you mix them?  


Wonderful looking soap by the way! 


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It turned out very pretty.  I really like the colors.  It's always so much fun when things go wrong but still turn out nicely. 

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Thanks everyone!  

I'm not sure I'm liking the scent as it is curing....but it sure feels good.  Just still undecided about the scent now that it's in the soap. Hopefully 

more time on the rack smooths it out.

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How did I miss this thread??!!! This is what happens when you are in the midst of fall/holiday crafting season. You miss a lot of what was going on in this forum!


Anyway, back to your lovely soapies. I agree they are very pretty and they look like soap I would love to use. Love how your swirls came out. Nice job! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I still have not worked with hemp oils so its nice to have a recipe with that in it.

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Not sure how I missed this :( Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. Do you use deodorized hemp oil or does it even matter ? Great job on the swirls :) 

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