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What to call these??

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:) Many thanks, it looks like they were having problems previously with the windows 10 users and must have updated things...looking thru the tutorials right now.

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On 10/3/2016 at 6:39 PM, Sponiebr said:

Shiney Hiny Soap Co? I think the name would be obvious... Hiney Tea! (Or some other name for the nether region... WHAT to call it though.... hmmmmm....) Tag line might be along the lines of "After one of those days where your (insert euphemism) is dragging a nice soak in "?? Tea" and you'll come out fresh as a daisy and with some "giddy" in your up.. "It'll perk your (cough) right up." 


Damn the scissors and run like hell with it! 


Oh... But I AM Sponie the Executor of Bad Ideas.





On 10/3/2016 at 6:45 PM, KrazeKelly said:


Hahaha!! That's funny as heck!!! How in the world did you read my company name on the label!!  You must have some good eyes!! Lol. ?


I know this is an old post but @KrazeKelly I have to ask, is this you and your website?



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1 hour ago, iansmommaya said:



LMAO! It's too funny. Did you watch the video at that link? I'm so curious to know if that is KrazeKelly or not. :laugh2:

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